To mark Bullying Awareness and Prevention Week, COPA is launching a number of NEW and important resources to foster safe, strong and free homes, schools and communities:


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Spread the Word… Each and everyone one of us has the right to be safe, strong and free! We all belong. 

About COPA

Now celebrating its 20th year, COPA is an award-winning Ontario non-profit centre dedicated to nurturing healthy, inclusive places to learn and to live in by offering support to young people, their families and school staff.

A specialist in bullying prevention since its inception, COPA highlights reflecting, learning and change, rather than shame, blame and punishment.

COPA offers a wide range of innovative and practical resources focusing on bullying prevention, and other related topics, such as equity and inclusion, including:

  • Workshops, whole-school programs and presentations (for students from preschool to high school, for parents and caregivers and for teachers, school staff and board staff)
  • Online resources (courses, training modules, websites)
  • Tools in print format (guides, storybooks, DVDs, toolkits, posters and pins)